It’s time for Polk to listen to you.

Let’s all take a moment and remember why we are here.  For the love of music.  For 40 years, Polk has demanded that we be the best in creating high quality, great sounding speakers.  Now we have created a place to celebrate our passion with you.


Most recently, we jumped into a new audio category with our Omni Collection.  Equipped with our history of great success in traditional audio we are one of the first, true speaker brands in this growing territory of Wireless Home Audio.  Those that care about music as much as we do want to be able to listen to it everywhere in their home.  With our Omni Collection, you’ll need to prepare yourself for Polk quality sound with an open platform and in the most convenient setting.  Equipped with Polk’s widely respected signature sound and a simple setup, you’re ready to listen to your favorite music right out of the box with our Omni Collection.

With this blog, you can expect insights on what is going on with Polk, what we are working on, and join us on our journey forward.   We would like to take this opportunity to ask what you would like to see on this blog.  Tell us (in the comments area) what you would like to read about.  You spend all day listening to Polk, and now it is time for Polk to listen to you.